Workshop Highlights

Have you organized, volunteered at or attended a recent Minnesota College Goal workshop event? We would love to hear from you! Send us your feedback - and see what others have to say! 

St. Francis High School 

We had our event last night and had over 30 students and families show up!  We were pleasantly surprised!  I think overall it went really good! Also, we had Joanna Sawyer from Capella as a volunteer, and she was WONDERFUL! Very knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks so much! We are looking forward to being a part of MCG next year

Buffalo High School

Buffalo High School hosted its first-ever College Goal event on February 19th and had fifty-five families show up and complete their FAFSAs!  There are no other events relatively close to Buffalo in the Central Minnesota area, so we were honored to offer an event to our community!  The amazing financial aid volunteers from SCSU (Mike Uran and Simon Bauer) and NHCC (James Burnett) were kept VERY busy.  Many of the families were first-generation and were extremely grateful for the event.  Thank you College Goal Minnesota for all your efforts on the back-end on making this initiative possible.

Coon Rapids High School

My volunteers were absolutely AWESOME!  Just the best!  I think they enjoyed the event and each other.  Just such a nice group.  Names:  Paul Huber, MSB - Blaine; Lucy Ross, Anoka Tech; Gary Schindler, Anoka Tech; Sean Johns, Anoka Ramsey; Matt Klinkhammer, Herzing; and Lisa Thomas, College Admissions Training.  They just all rolled up their sleeves and were right there for the people.