Partners and Friends

We exist in Minnesota because of the gracious support and assistance of USA Funds. USA Funds is a nonprofit corporation that works to enhance postsecondary education preparedness, access and success by providing and supporting financial and other valued services.. We are deeply indebted to them for all they have donated.

Minnesota College Goal would also like to thank these invaluable partners who have supported our efforts throughout the state. Their participation is essential to our success and is greatly appreciated.

Minnesota College Goal is funded through a grant from USA Funds. It is a non profit 501 C(3). The grant funds are used to cover committee expenses for the volunteer steering committee that leads the Minnesota College Goal effort. Grant funding is also available to fund expenses for sites hosting events. The Minnesota College Goal steering committee also awards several $500 scholarships each year to attendees.

College Goal Sunday is a national program that provides free information and assistance to families who are filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the federally required form for students seeking financial aid.  Minnesota Minority Education Partnership is the fiscal agent for Minnesota College Goal. Since 2006 Minnesota College Goal has reached hundreds of students and families with critical financial aid information to attend college.